John in Japan 2005 Part II

John in Japan 2005 Part II

Pictures from my second trip to Japan in 2005, from 15th July onwards.

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I've tried to group together the sets of pictures on this page to make it a bit more manageable - alternatively you can go to the all sets page.

First Few Days
Friday 15th - Sunday 17th July 2005
First few days in Japan, spent around the Osaka area, including a stay in a temple in Koya-san.

Three Weeks in Hiroshima
Monday 18th July - Sunday 7th August 2005
Assorted pictures from daily life in Hiroshima.

Hokkaido and the North of Japan
Monday 8th - Saturday 20th August 2005
Just under two weeks spent travelling around Hokkaido and the North of Japan.

More Time in Hiroshima
Sunday 21st August - Monday 12th September 2005
A few more weeks spent doing nothing much in Hiroshima, also including a weekend trip to Tokyo.