Saturday 20th August 2005

After Sendai we got a few more local trains to Tokyo, from where we cheated and got on the Shinkasen to Kyoto. Stayed the night at Sale and Erina's in Mukomachi, not far from Kyoto, and while the girls stayed in chatting Dale and I went out for a few beers at Dale's local.

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01:17:08 Me, Dale, and Sayaka (Saiyaka?), who we met in the bar - I think she was the owner's girlfriend or something.

01:38:52 Tatsu-san, the barman, and Sayaka.

02:01:31 Another group shot obscured by some bottles - not sure if this was a deliberate attempt to get an arty shot or what really...

02:02:04 The second attempt, with no bottles in the way. The extra guy here is Yan (or where they actually saying Ian?).