Friday 15th July 2005

A trip to Koyasan, a small town on top of a mountain, famous for its temples. Also my first day back in Japan in July 2005!

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09:29:19 This is Chie in Kansai airport, just after I arrived.

11:59:29 Chie on the train on the way to Koyasan.

11:59:44 Me on the train, probably a bit tired at this point!

12:02:44 There were some great views to be had on this train journey, of forest covered mountain slopes.

12:12:11 More green mountains.

12:26:12 The final bit of the journey was very steep, so had to be done on this train which I called a rack railway, but Chie called a cable car.

12:26:25 Clearly the camera went crazy here!

12:30:03 I think I'm going to call it a cable car as well - although it wasn't suspended off the ground, there was definitely a cable involved.

12:31:01 Although mainly a single track, at one point on the run the track splits into two so another cable car can pass in the other direction.

13:56:46 Here we are in Koyasan now, after having grabbed a quick bite to eat, in the entrance to one of the temples.

13:57:30 I enjoyed this ritual of washing hands on the way in, particularly as it was so hot and sticky!

14:01:38 Now I think, but could be wrong, that this is in the grounds of Kongubuji temple.

14:02:06 I'm always very keen to take these pictures of temples, but never very sure what to write about them afterwards...

14:02:48 Incidentally this T-shirt was 2.99 from H & M.

14:02:54 So what I'm standing in front of here is a sort of gatehouse...

14:05:44 ...and here is that gatehouse from the other side.

14:08:01 For a town in which monks quite possibly outnumber the "normal" citizens, there did seem to be an awful lot of booze on sale - here a rather fine Asahi vending machine.

14:15:08 Now I think this was just along from the temple we were going to be staying at - Jofukuin - so from looking at the map this might have been something like Daienin. I just liked this little garden bit basically.

14:31:25 Here we are now in our room in the shukuhboh - Jofukuin.

14:31:48 The view from our window into the temple's courtyard garden. It was really, really peaceful here.

14:33:54 Chie enjoying afternoon tea, Japanese style, whilst admiring the view.

15:20:47 Being triple jetlagged, I couldn't stay awake, so in the afternoon I had a little nap in our room, while Chie went off for a wander by herself...

15:21:08 ,,,,so I have really no idea what these pictures are of!

15:31:45 Clearly Chie liked the roof here...

15:31:59 The same thing again.

15:46:10 Chie mentioned she had visited some graves.

15:46:35 More graves...

16:28:37 Some Buddha statues.

16:28:53 ,,,same again.

16:29:14 A nice sort of canal thing.

18:07:18 Back in our room, where dinner, a full shojin ryori (food of the Buddhist monks) was served.

18:07:44 Me looking like I'd only just got up - which in fact I had!