Sunday 7th August 2005

An outing in the afternoon to go and see a waterfall North of Hiroshima.

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14:49:37 So here's the waterfall then. I was pretty impressed actually - it was a nice three tier job, and didn't suffer from the usual Japanese problem of being covered in concrete!

14:51:27 Chie having a paddle in the pool at the bottom.

14:53:19 Chie's Dad sitting up on the rocks.

14:54:43 Chie washing her feet.

14:55:29 Me, Chie and a couple of other visitors to the waterfall generally milling about.

14:55:38 Same again.

14:55:55 What a wonderful trouser configuration I appear to have adopted. Give it a few weeks and this will be on the catwalks in Paris and Milan.

14:56:17 Chie clambering about.

14:56:42 More of the same.

14:58:55 Chie's Mum by the waterfall.

14:59:06 Still more paddling.

15:02:21 Me sitting on a rock. This was a very nice spot!

15:15:04 After putting our shoes back on, we decided to follow the path a little further up to see if we could see the waterfall from above. We couldn't really, but were treated to some nice views of forest covered mountains instead.

15:15:18 Me and Chie.

15:16:33 Hmmm you can almost see some of the river from above here.

15:16:47 Chie on the high-up bit.

15:18:29 Chie and her Dad. Chie used this umbrella like a shield, to protect her from all the dirty unpleasant things that the countryside is filled with.

15:22:10 Chie walking down the steps.