09 - Onomichi

09 - Onomichi

Friday 9th September 2005

A day out in Onomichi, a town not too far from Hiroshima.

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14:41:17 I gave Chie the camera to take a picture of me in front of what I assumed to be Onomichi's famous post office (not really famous, it just happened to feature on the BBC news website the other day). She seemed to take a lot of random pointless pictures too though...

14:41:27 here's me and the Post Office...

14:41:36 ...but here's more random pictures of seemingly nothing in particular...

14:41:40 ...and more!

15:17:31 Anyway, after wrestling the camera back off Chie and moving away from the station, we proceeded to take a wander around Onomichi. Onomichi is famous for it's temples, and also its alleyways - here an example.

15:32:04 A rather precariously perches Japanese castle.

15:34:16 A view out over the bay (?) of Onomichi from part way up the hill.

15:34:26 Another view in the other direction.

15:59:34 Some little statues and bowls of water.

16:00:34 A little temple/shrine place up on the hill.

16:04:17 Some sort of engraving and a nice tree root.

16:05:03 Another view out over the bay.

16:05:22 As always I can't resist taking pictures with these flags in!

16:05:49 More views...

16:09:39 Nice birdge over there!

16:13:01 A bit of one of the temples, up on the hill.

16:13:13 A cable car!

16:13:33 Supposed to be me with the cable car behind, obviously the timing was wrong!

16:13:57 The cable car again.

16:16:02 A famous circle on a rock ?!!?

16:18:02 Some stones and that.

16:28:12 When in doubt, Japanese town planners build a pagoda. Can't go wrong with a pagoda.

16:31:20 A dog outside a sweets shop, where Chie went to buy mochi.

16:31:43 Chie buying mochi.

16:33:29 That dog again.

16:58:45 As a later afternoon snack we went to Chie's favourite place in Onomichi - "Common" - a waffle cafe.

16:59:07 Oh and I had a homemade lime drink which was very nice too.

17:01:46 Waffles were very good here!

17:14:18 I wanted to get a picture of some of the cafe in.

17:46:10 Another alleyway...

18:37:36 These cranes are pleasantly lit up at night - all different colours.

22:15:34 Back at Chie's family's house now - me on the computer!