Monday 29th - Tuesday 30th August 2005

A couple of days in and around Hiroshima - dinner with the family and a walk up a mountain the next morning.

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Monday 19:06 This is me opening a bottle of champagne, bought to celebrate me getting my new job...

Monday 19:07 Rather expertly demonstrating the old towel method here - I didn't spill a drop!

Monday 19:08 Chie pouring Champagne.

Monday 19:08 Dinner!

Tuesday 10:52 At the foot of the little mountain was a sort of temple complex.

Tuesday 10:52 The path leading up through the temple complex...

Tuesday 10:53 A bell.

Tuesday 10:54 The path again.

Tuesday 10:55 Some statues.

Tuesday 10:55 Me on a little bridge.

Tuesday 10:55 Me getting off the little bridge.

Tuesday 10:57 A nice waterfall.

Tuesday 10:57 Close-up of part of the waterfall.

Tuesday 10:59 From inside a little shelter.

Tuesday 11:02 A cat!

Tuesday 11:03 Some more statues.

Tuesday 11:12 Into the wilder bits, beyond the temple now...

Tuesday 11:13 These bamboo forests look very exotic to me!

Tuesday 11:51 On top of the mountain, a predicatbly very hazy view.

Tuesday 11:51 More hazy views...

Tuesday 11:53 A grasshopper.

Tuesday 12:00 Another slightly less hazy view of Hiroshima, taken on the way back down.

Tuesday 12:08 Chie's Dad on a rock!

Tuesday 12:08 Another view of Hiroshima.

Tuesday 12:09 The family admiring the view.

Tuesday 12:11 Chie and her mum coming back down the mountain.