Monday 8th August 2005

A brief stop off in Tokyo, the first leg on our trip to Hokkaido.

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18:00:21 Inside Malt-ya in Ikebukuro, where I spent a very pleasant hour or so sipping some very fine malts.

19:35:03 A little later on in Quercus, just round the corner in Ikebukuro. Here I had an Acorn's bottling of a 32 year old Clynelish, and a very bourbony Chichibu.

19:35:33 Those bottles again.

19:37:10 Chie and the guy behind the bar in Quercus.

19:37:32 Me and Chie in Quercus.

20:14:14 Dinner in my favourite Tokyo restaurant - Rohlan - delicious vegetarian Taiwanese food!

20:16:09 Chie and her dinner in Rohlan.

21:15:31 A random picture of some coin lockers.