Flying To Japan

Flying To Japan

Thursday 14th or Friday 15th July 2005

A few (completely pointless!) pictures taken on the flight to Japan. mostly over Siberia.

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02:08:53 Somewhere over Siberia. The mist or whatever it is (frost?) on the window has spoiled this one...

02:09:00 ...and this one. I'm never sure on the plane whether I'm looking at sunrise or sunset - I'm going to plump for sunset here. I'd already put my clock on Japanese time, so if it is 2am in Japan, it is about 6pm UK time, or about 9pm in Moscow. We were already further East than Moscow, so probably local time is more like 10pm.

02:09:10 This is possibly the best shot of the lot.

02:09:21 You can just about see the KLM logo on the stabiliser here.

02:10:06 I think I was trying to get less of the wing in shot here.

02:32:27 An unfortunately blurred picture of the route progress thing on the TV, to try and record where we were at this point - the next best thing to having a GPS unit (which I probably wouldn't be allowed to use on the plane anyway)! So we are somewhere over Siberia, but the exact place names are a bit hard to read. I think the nearest place there might be Omsk...?

02:42:31 The last few rays of the sunset here.

05:05:14 So I'm guessing this is now sunrise - only three hours later!

05:09:42 I think I missed here! I was trying to get a picture of the little golden lights of this town below, but you can barely see them.

05:09:49 At a very rough guess I would say we were somewhere over China here...?