Hiroshima Day Out

Hiroshima Day Out

Thursday 8th September 2005

Originally just went out for lunch, but ended up staying out all day.

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Thursday 12:55 A random picture of a car - I just liked the number plate. It reads "Total Automobile Excellence", abbreviated to the acronym TAX. It seems a little counter productive to me, to be so boldly reminded of tax when buying a car!

Thursday 13:18 The place where we had lunch - I always enjoy any names following the "Maison de ..." convention!

Thursday 13:29 The name was somewhat misleading - the food wasn't in the slightest bit French.

Thursday 13:30 In fact it was sort of macro-biotic, and, amazingly for Japan - vegetarian!

Thursday 15:55 Chie and I wandered into the centre of Hiroshima after lunch to buy some metal polish (!) but ended up going to this sort of leisure centre place to have "fun" for a few hours.

Thursday 15:55 A crazily messed up picture of me bowling.

Thursday 15:55 That's a bit better.

Thursday 16:00 Me shooting at stuff.

Thursday 16:00 ...and again.

Thursday 16:01 I was slightly disturbed by how accurate I was - at least one right in the middle.

Thursday 16:02 Chie doing a bit of stress relief with this sort of punchbag game.

Thursday 16:02 After a while she was just a blur of flailing punches.

Thursday 16:10 I was surprisingly bad at this football game.

Thursday 16:10 You had 12 attempts to hit all of the 9 squares - I think I managed 4 or 5.

Thursday 16:12 Chie on the slightly bizarre "see saw" game.

Thursday 16:13 Me having a go on the same thing.

Thursday 16:44 A very odd "walking the dog" game, which I totally failed to understand.

Thursday 19:32 After several hours of "fun", we left the leisure centre place to have dinner, and settled on this slightly pricey, but very tasty Indian restaurant.

Thursday 19:33 A close-up of my plate - rice, sag paneer, and vegetable kofta curry.

Thursday 20:54 A little later on, we had a relaxing drink to round of the day out in a cafe with lighting which was not particularly condusive to photography!

Thursday 20:55 No amount of fiddling with settings was going to get this shot to work.

Thursday 21:19 Me outside the cafe/bar place.