Beach and Fireworks

Beach and Fireworks

Saturday 23rd July 2005

Afternoon going to the beach for a swim, followed by watching the Hiroshima fireworks display in the evening.

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17:38:11 Here's me standing on the beach.

17:38:18 Here's me standing on the beach, on one leg. No good reason for this.

17:41:37 A view out to sea from the beach. Not sure if that was an island out there or just the mainland curving round. Probably an island.

17:41:50 Chie and her parents, I think just before we left, partly spurred on by an imminent shower.

20:56:40 Back at the family's flat, from where we had a good vantage point to watch the fireworks display going on over in the centre of Hiroshima.

20:56:47 Chie was keen to point out how much more sophisticated Japanese fireworks are than the ones we get in England...

20:56:56 ...this is one of the more complex fireworks, which didn't really come out in a still picture that well.

20:57:03 ...begrudgingly I had to agree, Japanese fireworks were clearly of a higher standard, although perhaps these pictures don't really do them justice...

20:57:35 ...they were really superb!

20:57:43 One of the more interesting ones, lots of smaller different coloured bursts orbiting a central big burst.

20:57:51 More of the same really...

20:58:00 ...I think you are beginning to get the idea!

20:58:07 Right that's it - and I think this was more or less at the end of the display.