Wednesday 17th August 2005

The next leg of our journey took us from Hakodate (on Hokkaido) to Morioka on the main island. By an amazing coincidence we managed to meet an old friend of Chie's in Morioka, which made for a very nice evening.

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09:37:23 We popped into this little cafe in Hakodate station for an hour or so before getting our train in the morning...

09:37:40 was really good as it had internet access and also provided us with a nice coffee/croissant sort of breakfast.

11:03:55 Here's me with the standard map shot, before getting on the train in Hakodate.

11:08:40 was rather a smart train too - we had to pay a small supplement for this one as it was an express train.

11:51:03 Chie looking out to sea, which is the last picture I took on Hokkaido. Incidentally it was a round this time that there was a large earthquake in Sendai - we couldn't feel anything here though.

12:26:34 Taken in the tunnel which runs between Hokkaido and Honshu (the main island of Japan). This tunnel is apparently the longest in the world, and amazingly it actually has a station inside!

12:47:21 Taken not long after emmerging from the tunnel - we're back on Honshu now then.

13:06:00 There were some nice sea views to be had on this run.

13:37:41 Here we are, having arrived in Aomori.

13:37:57 I think Chie took a shine to the bridge here, which you can just about see behind the train.

14:09:49 Thanks to the erathquake in Sendai, our next train was somewhat delayed, and we spent quite a while in Aomori waiting for it.

17:02:06 On arrival in Hachinohe, after what had been a very delayed and unpleasantly overcrowded train journey. It turns out the train had been a Snoppy train.

17:03:27 Yep, in Hachinohe now.

19:32:23 Next stop after Hachinohe was Morioka, where we decided to call it a day - we'd originally planned to try and get a bit further South, but what with the delays and everything that wasn't looking practical.

21:18:04 I fancied something Italian for dinner, so we popped into this place which where we were the only customers...

21:20:29 ...not sure why it was so empty, the food seemed pretty good to me.

22:28:04 After searching round for a hotel with any vacancies for what had seemed like ages, we finally found one with a spare room - and amazingly it turned out the girl on the desk was in fact an old university friend of Chie's! So when she finished her shift we went for a drink with her...

23:42:17 Me and Hiroko-san in the Irish bar just round the corner from our hotel.

23:42:55 Me and Hiroko-san again - the last one was a bit too blueish.

00:32:58 After a few pints of Guinnes, Hiroko-san invited us round to her flat, and this is a random picture taken of the appartment block.

00:51:13 In Hiroko's flat, we mostly occupied ourself with looking through photos - this is the Gyosei year book for the class of 2000.

01:52:20 Chie, Hiroko-san and the year book.

01:52:37 ...I seemed to be struggling to get this picture right!

01:52:57 One last picture before calling it a night...