Thursday 18th August 2005

A visit to Matsushima in the daytime followed by dinner with Junchan's family in the evening. Apparently Matsushima is one of the "scenic trio of Japan" - the three best places in the country for sea views, which also includes Miyajima. We visited on a rather grey day, so unfortunately the pictures don't really look that marvellous.

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15:44:41 Another one of those anti-smoking signs taken in the station where we went to get to Matsushima.

16:31:21 We took a ferry ride around the Matsushima bay, which is filled with lots of these little tree covered islands. Unfortunately the weather was very grey and many of the pictures, like this one, are pretty uninspiring!

16:32:27 The wash (or whatever the word is) from the back of the boat.

16:33:28 There were people feeding the seagulls off the back of the boat, as a result a fairly large flock were following us along.

16:33:44 ...more seagulls.

16:33:50 I didn't really get a picture of them taking food out of people's hands whilst moving, but you'll have to take my word for it that it was quite impressive to watch.

16:34:07 A fairly close up picture of a seagull in flight.

16:34:50 A couple of seagulls very close to the boat. It must take a lot of skill to match the boat's speed like this.

16:36:06 Junchan and Chiechan on the boat.

16:36:34 Me and Chie in an inexplicably overexposed shot. I think my camera just gets bored sometimes and decides to misbehave.

16:43:34 One of the many islands in Matsushima bay.

16:44:04 This is probably about the best shot of the day, and even so it is still a little uninspiring. It just goes to show how important good lighting (i.e. weather) is for photography!

16:46:01 I think I heard that this was called mochi rock. Mochi as in those sticky Japanese rice cake things.

16:50:27 Another island.

16:54:03 A seagull and a couple of little islands. This picture is not bad I suppose, but again could have been better given nicer weather.

16:54:54 More rocky islands.

16:55:14 Another boat travelling alongside us.

17:09:57 Me and Junchan at the back of the boat.

17:10:29 Me and Chie again.

17:14:17 A very long footbridge.

17:14:40 Last picture on the boat...

17:18:05 A picture of the boat, partly taken for Chie's Dad's benefit (he likes boats).

17:34:03 After getting off the boat, we decided to go for a little wander over to one of the islands that was joined to the mainland by a bridge.

17:34:29 There's the bridge and the little island.

17:36:16 Me and Junchan on the bridge - you can barely see us!

17:36:25 A zoomed in version of the previous scene.

17:36:31 My camera seems to make very blurry pictures whenever you try to use the zoom.

17:38:01 Chie and Junchan on the bridge.

17:39:04 There were lots of rock carvings etc on this little island - no doubt they all had plenty of religous significance which went completely over my head.

17:41:42 A couple of trees on the island. One of those pictures that probably looked interesting at the time I took it, but afterwards I ended up wondering why I bothered.

17:44:41 Junchan and Chie sitting on the rocks at the end of the little island.

17:45:29 Me and Chie doing "Little Mermaid" poses.

17:45:51 I assume this picture was taken by accident!

17:45:57 Junchan doing some experimental photogrpahy! Me doing another Little Mermaid pose, and some of Chie's back.

20:05:47 Back at Junchan's house, having dinner with the family.

20:06:12 Taken from the other side of the table, with me and Junchan having swapped places.