Wednesday 10th August 2005

Spent most of the day on the ferry to Hokkaido, which landed in Tomakomai around 8ish.

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09:17:42 It was absolutely great to wake up to lovely views of the sea from our cabin window...

09:19:53 a result I took rather a lot of pictures of sea, many of which aren't actually that interesting.

09:26:54 was a bit like having an extra TV with "seavision" on. Errr....

09:31:49 Quite a nice picture of another boat here.

09:32:21 More sea - you could see the coast quite clearly at this point, but it doesn't seem to have come out so well in the picture!

10:12:24 More sea and coastline.

10:51:13 Another boat.

11:09:22 This is me posting a message to the message board using Chie's mobile. I thought it was pretty cool given that I was on a boat on the Pacific Ocean - isn't technology brilliant?

11:46:29 Out on deck, where the weather was lovely earlier on in the day.

11:46:48 There follows lots of pictures of Chie and I out and deck which I will probably struggle to write interesting comments for...

11:47:39 A crane.

11:47:54 Quite blustery here then!

11:48:38 Chie relaxing on a deck chair - a proper one (i.e. it is actually on a deck)!

11:50:42 Me and Chie.

11:51:11 Me in a deck chair.

11:51:49 Very pleased with this picture of Chie jumping up in the air - I particularly like the shadow.

11:51:53 ...this one came out rather well too.

11:51:59 Chie gazing at the lovely blue sea.

11:52:18 Chie again - I was on the upper deck if you hadn't guessed, she hadn't suddenly got very small or anything.

11:54:14 Me enjoying the sea air.

11:54:54 ...and again.

11:55:01 A very blue picture.

11:55:09 ...and again.

11:55:26 Chie and some foam.

11:56:20 A door.

13:45:08 Another ship in the distance.

14:12:29 More deck shots...

14:16:55 Me and Chie on a bench.

14:42:30 Chie eating some ice cream.

17:58:47 As the afternoon wore on into evening, the weather changed somewhat, the sea mist came down, and it actually got quite cold out on deck...

18:01:00 Me doing hopscotch - I love the sense of perspective here.

18:02:41 Chie having a swig of whisky as it was a bit chilly!

18:03:03 Me also enjoying some fine scotch - Caol Ila Cask Strength.... mmmm...

18:05:08 That funnel again. this picture sort of illustrates how misty it was - the black smoke from the funnel really stands out.

19:13:19 Our first glimpse of Hokkaido - the lights of Tomakomai (or somewhere nearby) in the distance.

19:14:09 More lights on the horizon, it was a bit difficult to get a decent shot.

19:15:58 ...possibly another boat?

19:17:16 I think I had a fiddle with the camera settings here.

19:17:49 More lights that didn't really come out that well.

19:20:38 Chie and some lights.

19:44:10 So this means we must have arrived - Tomakomai ferry terminal looking a bit like some kind of space station.

20:54:47 Me and Chie on the train on the way to Sapporo.

22:05:24 Taken on arriving in Sapporo station.