Morioka to Sendai

Morioka to Sendai

Wednesday 17th August 2005

Spent the daytime travelling between Morioka and Sendai, with a stop off in Hanamaki around lunchtime. Met up with Junchan in the evening in Sendai and went out for a curry.

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10:49:55 A random picture taken in Morioka on the way from our hotel to the station.

10:52:48 Another random picture in Morioka - I rather like this giant Espresso maker.

11:15:58 The standard map picture, just after getting on the train in Morioka. You can just about see the sign for Morioka station through the train window.

11:24:56 The scenery around here was quite nice.

11:59:20 We got off the train at either Hanamaki or Shin-Hanamaki, I can't remember which. Either way it wasn't this station (Nitanai) which just happens to be inbetween the other two.

13:12:47 Somewhere near Hanamaki we went to a museum of some famous Japanese person, which I have to admit having been totally ignorant of - I don't even remember the guy's name. Anyway, it had some nice gardens in the grounds, so we took a few pictures here...

13:12:58 Yes, nice gardens.

13:13:28 I wonder how many people carry all their luggage around these gardens when visiting though?

13:15:09 Chie and some flowers.

13:19:21 Also in the grounds of the museum, an interesting water feature.

13:21:51 ...this is just some water then.

13:25:00 Me sitting deep in thought by the water feature.

13:31:53 I think they need to check their maths - this sign says the English Coast is only 7.3 kilometres away. I think it's a little further than that. In actual fact this sign is referring to a stretch of river which apparently looks like the English coast - in particular the white cliffs of Dover. We went past this later on the bus, and I wasn't convinced.

14:20:10 Some interesting windmill type things outside Hanamaki station.

14:36:56 We, the map, and Hanamaki station.

14:38:16 A sort of funny statue thing on Hanamaki station.

15:41:37 Our next stop - Ichinoseki.

17:31:08 Our final destination for the day - Sendai.

18:36:51 We were greeted by a nice pink sky in Sendai, which is a very clean looking city on first impression.

18:39:35 Another shot of the lovely pink sky.

18:40:20 We met up with Junchan at the station, who had arrived by bike.

18:42:31 I was keen to have a go...

19:00:45 The girls trying to lock up the bike outside the Indian restuarant where we went for dinner.

19:42:37 Chie and Junchan enjoying our Indian food.

21:37:48 After leaving the restaurant, on the way to Junchan's house where we were going to stay the night. I was rather intrigued by this sign for "Hair by Monkeys". What an interesting image this conjured up!

21:37:48 Same thing zoomed in a bit to make it easier to read.