Walk by the Sea

Walk by the Sea

Thursday 1st - Saturday 3rd September 2005

A brief outing at the end of the afternoon (or early evening) to go to a spot near where Chie's family lives which is by the sea.

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18:14:06 A bit of wood on a beach, with some boats in the background.

18:14:39 A very large boat in the distance.

18:14:50 Ships that pass in the night (or early evening).

18:16:32 There was a hint of a nice sunset...

18:16:55 Chie and her Mum walking along by the sea.

18:17:48 Another slightly interesting sky, with some docks or something on the horizon.

18:18:26 I think this is a passenger ferry.

18:18:42 Chie!

18:19:16 Me in a slightly odd pose, standing on some rocks.

18:19:24 Me looking out to sea.

18:30:58 Sea again mainly.

18:31:21 There was a big hotel on the bit of coast where we'd gone for a walk - must be some nice views from these rooms. Apparently a couple of Chie's university friends got married here.