Solar Powered Car

Solar Powered Car

Saturday 6th August 2005

Only in Japan - a solar powered car, for less than ten quid.

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11:53:18 The kit, in its original packaging. Note the price label - this miracle of technology cost a mere 1680 Yen - about 8 or 9 pounds.

12:11:02 The fully assembled thing - out on the "test strip" (i.e. the balcony).

12:15:49 Resting on my laptop after a successful test run.

21:11:46 [video clip, 1,188 KB] A still picture obviously wouldn't convey the message that this thing really did work. So naturally I attempted to video it, with only limited success...

21:13:10 [video clip, 168 KB] Again I seem to be struggling to get a decent video of the car in motion, but hopefully you get the message.