Natsu Matsuri

Natsu Matsuri

Saturday 30th July 2005

Went for a walk in the afternoon, then had a quick dinner in Diamond City followed by going over to Chie's grandparent's part of town to have a look at the nastsu matsuri - summer festival.

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15:55:32 I went for a wander mid-afternoon to go and meet Chie, who was doing a one-off part-time job selling broadband somewhere or other. On the way back I took this picture at random - Fuchu is the town within Hiroshima where Chie's family lives.

19:12:16 Dinner at Mario's in Diamond City. This one had the wrong white balance setting so came out a bit blue...

19:12:51 ...before I had a chance to take another, one of the waitresses had come along and offered to take a picture - and very nice it is too.

19:53:29 The steps up to a shrine near Chie's grandparents' house, where some sort of natsu matsuri (summer festival) was taking place.

20:05:41 Another shrine gate further up the steps.

20:06:10 ...and the same again.

20:14:37 Also near Chie's grandparents' house - the summer festival also seemed to involve a few stalls selling the usual things-on-a-stick and some dancing.

22:22:20 Back at home, a rather naff attempt at taking a nice time picture of the town.

20:22:54 [video clip, 990 KB]
A still picture wouldn't really show very much of the dancing at the festival, so a short video clip seemed appropriate instead.