Weekend in Tokyo

Weekend in Tokyo

Friday 26th - Sunday 28th August 2005

A weekend in Tokyo to go and see some of Chie's friends.

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Friday 14:17 It's become something of a habit now for me to try and take a picture of Mt. Fuji on the Shinaksen on the way to Tokyo, and it always ends in disappointment. Can't really see anything here!

Friday 17:56 Spent Friday night out in Ikebukuro but didn't take any pictures apart from this one of the map.

Saturday 13:06 Lunch with the girls in Pizza Express in Harajuku - as far as I know this is the only one in Japan. From left to right: Junchan, Hiromuchan, Chiechan and the other Junchan.

Saturday 13:07 Swapped places with Junchan for this picture with me in. You can tell (Patisserie) Junchan took this because she has included the kitchen in the shot!

Saturday 14:17 Outside Pizza Express, a very sweet picture of both Junchans looking with an elephant.

Saturday 15:43 Back at the flat, the girls sit on the floor and gossip whilst eating ice creams - very cute!

Saturday 17:35 Downstairs from the flat in the lobby, a sort of half-baked attempt at the standard three wise monkeys shot.

Saturday 19:31 Later on, dinner in the Spanish tapas bar - unfortunatelt this picture didn't come out so well...

Saturday 19:32 The other side of the table, a bit less blurry.

Sunday 13:16 Sunday brunch/lunch in Afternoon Tea in Ginza.

Sunday 13:17 I was keen to get a picture of me with the two interestingly dressed girls sitting next to me. Unfortunately the first shot was not so successful due to these obstructing flowers.

Sunday 13:18 Much better second time round!

Sunday 18:44 Later on that evening, after saying goodbye to all Chie's old university friends, we went to the izakaya near Shinagawa station where Chie's sister works. Here we had a drink with one of Chie's old work friends - Ayako-san. Chie here is drinking a sake called "drunken whale".