Gaijin Bars

Gaijin Bars

Friday 5th August 2005

A day spent in Gaijin bars in Hiroshima.

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17:38:32 Having wandered around for a bit trying to find Chinajia, we found this very helpful map on the corner of the block...

17:38:42 ...which led us to realise the place we were looking for had closed down!

18:40:26 So instead we went to The Shack.

18:40:54 Me and some nice frrrrrrrresh nama biru in The Shack.

18:44:42 It's important to buy a Solar Powered toy car every once in a while.

18:46:43 Chie had some jolly nice vegetable fajitas for dinner...

18:46:58 ...and I had a tofu burger, which came with some painfully hot chips (or french fries, whatever you want to call them).

19:29:24 A little later on, in Molly Mallone's Irish Pub across the road.

20:10:58 Mmmmm Guinness.

20:29:10 A rather blurry and unnecessary picture of Chie to end the day on.