Night Out

Night Out

Wednesday 24th August 2005

A night out for no particular reason following an uneventful day in Hiroshima.

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17:00:15 Chie on the computer.

17:05:26 A little corner which will be forever England...

17:33:51 An odd picture of Chie sitting on a stool reading in the bedroom. Note the lantern taken from the recent festival on Miyajima.

19:16:24 Chie's parents, taken in Molly Mallone's, the Irish bar in Hiroshima.

19:16:36 Same again with an attempt to get the colours to come out better.

19:17:11 Me, Yuka and Chie - obviously having got the settings right here!

23:02:16 Much later on in the "snack" bar, Chie's Dad doing a spot of karaoke.