Oarai and Ferry

Oarai and Ferry

Tuesday 9th August 2005

Spent the day travelling to Oarai from Tokyo, then killing time in Oarai, then getting on the ferry which would take us to Hokkaido.

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10:02:30 We'd stayed with Chie's friends in Tokyo the night before, and I rather liked the view from the appartment to the mirrored building opposite - you can see mine and Chie's reflection!

13:04:10 On the train on the way to Oarai.

13:33:02 I think this is me emailing Tim using Chie's phone.

17:06:52 In Oarai now - Chie on the beach.

17:21:08 A spot of hat swapping.

17:43:52 Oarai beach.

17:44:12 ...same again in landscape. Slightly interesting sky here.

20:52:19 A failed attempt to take a picture of the ferry terminal at night.

21:32:44 Chie waiting to board our ferry in the terminal.

22:12:18 On the way onto our ship!

22:18:55 In our "special class" cabin, which was very nice indeed.

22:19:04 More spacious than most hotel rooms I've stayed in!

22:50:27 Out onm deck.

22:51:42 The ship's funnel by night.

22:52:12 Still haven't left port yet then by the looks of things...

22:54:48 Chie in the "ballroom" bit - I don't think this was actually used for anything other than a seating area on our trip.

23:13:15 Another picture of our cabin - unfortunately corrupted.

23:21:09 Me and Chie enjoying a couple of beers in our very nice cabin.

00:26:38 Back out on deck again.

00:28:48 The funnel again.

00:30:29 Me and Chie out on deck - I think the ferry had actually set off by this point.

00:34:21 Looks a bit like something is on fire!