Shizunai and Dinner with the Taniguchi Family

Shizunai and Dinner with the Taniguchi Family

Sunday 14th August 2005

Spent the morning and afternoon haveing a look around Shizunai, where Mikikosan and Keijisan live, and then went to the Taniguchi family farm in the evening for dinner.

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10:31:40 This is me trying on a Jinbe. I think I looked a bit stupid.

11:45:32 A random and unnecessary picture of Chie using the computer.

12:20:08 A very interesting bridge in Shizunai.

12:24:23 Another somewhat less interesting bridge in Shizunai. I think this must have looked better in real life - the sea is just on the other side of the bridge.

12:38:09 This is in Shizunai's little Ainu museum. Here we can see a traditional Ainu boat.

12:43:03 I've been interested in the Ainu for some time, especially since having read a book on Japanese history which described the people as caucasian. So I was keen to see some pictures of them.

12:44:20 Another boat.

12:45:13 Another picture focusing on the decorations of the first boat.

12:47:44 A bear!

13:24:32 Outside the museum, a monument to a famous Ainu hero.

13:24:43 Same again.

13:28:30 Some views over Shizunai... it was very misty!

13:29:43 You can just about see a train in this - the little train we'd be getting on the next day.

13:31:11 That "interesting" bridge from earlier.

13:44:26 A traditional Ainu house.

14:08:21 Shizunai is famous for two things: horses and Sakura. This road in Shizunai apparently looks really magnificent in Spring when all the cherry blossoms are out.

14:10:52 The landscape around here was very English, which I really liked.

17:42:22 Taken on the Taniguchi family's farm, where they breed horses.

17:45:00 Chie was a little frightened by the horses!

20:34:05 Later on after dinner we had a bout of fireworks...

20:34:25 Not particularly great pictures though!

20:36:51 This one of Koki-san and his son Ryoto is quite nice though.

20:39:20 More fireworks...

20:40:18 ...and more...

20:43:36 It got very smokey after a while!

20:46:52 Yet more fireworks.

21:10:57 After the firework display we had a few rounds of Jenga(!).

21:40:10 This is the Taniguchi family outside their house. Note Katsuki-san here doing a very Buddhist pose - he had been teased earlier that is (new?) haircut made him look like a monk.

21:40:27 Another family photo with me and Chie having swapped places.

21:40:46 Same again but with Katsuki-san having swapped places with me.