Sunday 4th - Wednesday 7th September 2005

A few more largely uneventful days.

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Sunday 18:05 Chie, taken at a train station (Miyajima Guchi...?) on the way back from visiting her aunt and uncle.

Monday 18:01 Chie at Diamond City, a shopping centre near her house, playing weird kind of point card fruit machine thing.

Tuesday 17:47 This is an attempt to take a picture of the stormy weather, but without any movement it just looks, well, grey really.

Tuesday 17:48 I thought I might be able to capture the rain pooring off the roof or the trees bending over in the wind, but again, just... grey.

Tuesday 17:49 More of the same really.

Tuesday 18:32 A bit later on as it was starting to get dark - again just looks a bit gloomy, not really that storm-swept!

Wednesday 14:27 My lunch! Reheated olive and tomato pasta from a couple of days ago.

Wednesday 18:48 A nice sunset here, with a bit of a view of the moon.

Wednesday 18:48 A zoomed in version of the previous picture. Apparently the little dot by the moon is a comet!

Wednesday 18:48 Same sort of thing again.

Wednesday 18:49 A view the other way, which had some nice lights (but didn't really come out).