Miyajima in the Rain

Miyajima in the Rain

Sunday 21st August 2005

A day out doing sightseeing stuff on Miyajima in the pouring rain (!).

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12:56:10 An unnecessary picture of the family walking to the station with their umbrellas...

13:09:16 Another unnecessary picture, this time on the train.

13:48:25 Taken from the ferry port - Miyajima was covered in rain clouds.

14:08:44 On Miyajima now - as always I can't resist a view shots of the famous tori.

14:09:14 Same thing again, but wanted to fit some umbrellas in shot to show it was raining!

14:12:06 Despite the grey weather I think this is rather nice!

14:12:42 Only a few people venturing out onto the wet sands to see the tori up close today...

14:14:00 The tori and a little flock of umbrellas.

14:14:15 More people and umbrellas...

14:17:29 This is the entrance to Itsukushima Shrine. I'd never actually been inside before, so thought I would give it a go.

14:20:15 Inside the Itsukushima shrine, which was all lovely and cloistery.

14:20:59 It's great being able to see through to the tori from here...

14:21:17 The tori and a lantern in the foreground. I quite like this shot.

14:24:31 Lot of sake barrels, sake being widely used in shinto ceremonies.

14:25:47 You can really see the rain coming down here!

14:31:12 After leaving the Itsukushima Shrine I wandered up the hill a bit to the Tohoto Pagoda. Partly obscured by trees here!

14:40:16 A very ominous looking stone tablet which I want to translate as "None shall pass" but is probably more like "no smoking".

14:40:25 A signpost, in case I got lost.

14:42:14 This here is in the grounds of the Daisho-in temple, which I had a really good wander around for an hour or two.

14:42:27 A nice two coloured tree here.

14:43:43 The Onarimon gate to the Daisho-in Temple.

14:44:11 The Belfry of the Daisho-in Temple.

14:44:53 I wanted to capture the rainclouds descending over the forest covered mountains above.

14:45:46 Looking back down the steps leading to the Onarimon gate, which are lined with 500 statues, each with different facial expressions.

15:03:54 One of the main buildings of the temple complex - the Chokugan-do Hall.

15:05:43 Inside the Chokugan-do Hall, there are 1000 Fudo Images, which commemorate the succession of the current head priest of the temple.

15:05:51 Another shot inside the Chokugan-do Hall.

15:06:39 One of the statues up close - I rather like this.

15:07:55 Some statues lining the steps into the Chokugan-do Hall.

15:08:20 The Kannon-do Hall, one of the other main buildings of the complex, viewed through the rain. I like the way the rain water runs through the little chain of bells/buckets hanging off the corner of the roof.

15:10:44 These Mani Wheel, inscribed with Buddhist scriptures, line the steps up to the Maniden Hall. You're meant to spin them as you go up the steps.

15:15:45 A view of some temple rooftops poking through the trees, and on to the misty mountains.

15:18:28 Now I think this is Aizen Myo-o, to whom I offered a prayer (which in Japanese temples seems to amount to throwing a coin in the box and clapping your hands together).

15:23:25 Round the back of the Daishi-do Hall, yet more statues.

15:23:54 This is a statue of the Ichigan Daishi, who is supposed to grant wishes (I assume that is what all the little hanging wooden boards are for). I like this because of the little teddy bear on his scarf.

15:25:13 A view out over temple rooftops.

15:28:01 Inside the Henshokutsu cave, which I found a tad disappointing - it was less of a cave, and more of a, well, just a room really.

15:31:37 There was a river running a little above the temple...

15:33:04 ...and some deer frolicking about...

15:35:13 Now I think this is the Hakkaku Manpuku Hall, wherein Miyajima's seven deities are enshrined. I'm guessing these deities include the gods of such Miyajima essentials as shika (deer), shamoji (wooden spoons) and of course momiji manju (those little willow leaf shaped cakes).

15:38:31 The entrance to Hakkaku Manpuku Hall.

15:40:03 A view out to sea from around the Onamiron gate - the weather seemed to be clearing a bit.

15:41:39 On the way out of the temple complex - the steps lined with more mani wheel type things.

16:04:44 Back down at sea level, a random picture of some boats.

18:18:39 A little later on, after meeting up with Chie and her family again, we wandered back to get the ferry. En route I got this rather pleasing shot of a boat and some nice clouds.

19:01:34 We went for dinner in Miyajima-guchi - the little port town from which the ferry to Miyajima goes. There were barrels outside the place we ate at, and I couldn't resist taking a picture, as I am a secret barrel nerd.

19:01:54 Me doing a really weird facial expression beside a barrel. Not really sure why.

19:06:13 A view out over the harbour, with one of the Miyajima ferries coming into port.

19:23:39 In the restaurant, Chie's parents...

19:24:10 ...and me and Chie.

20:59:03 On our way back home - the level crossing by Chie's nearest station. First without a train...

20:59:28 ....and then with.

21:12:47 The moon was very pretty, although this picture doesn't really do it justice!