UK Autumn 2005

UK Autumn 2005

Pictures from a trip to Britain in Autumn 2005.

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Monday 19th September 2005
Popped in to see Russ for a bit in the afternoon.

Apple Tree and Walk
Tuesday 20th September 2005
A day spent outdoors whilst staying at Mum's - climbing the apple tree to pick apples, and going for a walk.

Cooking with Mum and a Curry in Stoke
Wednesday 21st September 2005
Spent the morning and afternoon at Mum's house, mostly cooking and eating, and then went on to Stoke on Trent (or Newcastle under Lyme) and went for a curry with Alex and Katie.

Thursday in North Wales
Thursday 22nd September 2005
First day in North Wales, went out for a walk by the sea and popped into Pwllheli for a bit in the afternoon.

Friday in North Wales
Friday 23rd September 2005
Went for a walk up a mountain in the daytime, then Robin and Vera arrived in the evening.

Saturday in North Wales
Saturday 24th September 2005
Picking blackberries, and then over to Aberdaron a bit later on to have a look at Bardsey.

Sunday in Wales
Sunday 25th September 2005
Morning and afternoon in North Wales, then travelling down to South Wales later on.

Guildford and Maidenhead
Monday 26th September 2005
Travelled from Abergavenny to the South East of England in the morning. Spent the afternoon in Guildford visiting my nephew and niece, then spent the evening in Maidenhead with some of Chie's old work friends.

Heathrow, London and Reading
Tuesday 27th September 2005
Another day on the move. Went to Heathrow in the morning to drop Chie off, who was going back to Japan before me.Spent the afternoon in London, and the evening out in Reading with David and Simon.

Wednesday 28th September 2005
Spent the day in Reading and went out in the evening with Rob, Kate and Byrnie.

Kev's Leaving Do
Thursday 29th September 2005
A curry in Pangbourne in the evening to mark Kev leaving my old company.

Friday 30th September 2005
Spent the day in Abergavenny with Vera and Robin. Only took one picture all day!

Gardening and Cooking in Abergavenny
Saturday 1st October 2005
Spent the day in Abergavenny, doing a spot of gardening and then cooking dinner for Robin and Vera.

Sunday Dinner
Sunday 2nd October 2005
A few random pictures taken whilst preparing Sunday dinner.

Market and Malthouse
Tuesday 4th October 2005
A wander round Abergavenny market in the daytime and dinner at the Malthouse in the evening.

Last Day in Abergavenny
Wednesday 5th October 2005
The last day of my stay in Abergavenny. Dad came for dinner, and after that we headed off up North.

Saturday 8th October 2005
A walk around an area near the end of the Llyn penisula in North Wales.

A Walk in the Dark
Tuesday 11th October 2005
After dinner and a few drinks, Dad and I decided to take the dog for a walk in the dark.

Last Walk
Wednesday 12th October 2005
Out for a walk on my last day in North Wales, the first day of reasonable weather after a long spell of rain.

Saturday 15th October 2005
An afternoon spent wandering around Wollaton Park, and then a night out in Nottingham with Russ.

Making Cakes in Guildford
Wednesday 19th October 2005
A few pictures of me and my nephew William making cakes.