UK Autumn 2005

Cooking with Mum and a Curry in Stoke - UK Autumn 2005

Cooking with Mum and a Curry in Stoke

Wednesday 21st September 2005

Spent the morning and afternoon at Mum's house, mostly cooking and eating, and then went on to Stoke on Trent (or Newcastle under Lyme) and went for a curry with Alex and Katie.

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13:39:24 Caramelised Oranges - one of my Mum's specialities.

13:39:42 It was the first time Chie had tried this, and I think she rather liked it!

13:40:00 Popcorn, tulips and Chie!

13:40:22 Close up of popcorn...

13:42:15 Some olives...

13:42:30 Close up of tulips, which we'd brought back from Amsterdam.

13:43:59 The toffee which was to go on the popcorn...

13:44:14 Mum was also making some chutney at the same time...

13:45:52 Pouring toffee onto the popcorn.

13:46:21 Toffee popcorn - another old favourite - and utterly addictive.

13:46:42 You can almost see Chie's mouth watering here!

13:48:51 Chie eating toffee popcorn - no-one else in the world make it quite like Mum does, it is spectacular.

19:53:25 Later on, at Alex and Katie's house, we were showed around Alex's studio...

21:47:21 Indian food for dinner at a restaurant near Alex's house - and just look at the size of that nan!

21:47:48 Thanks to a passing stranger for taking this picture, which allowed me to be in it too.