UK Autumn 2005

Thursday in North Wales - UK Autumn 2005

Thursday in North Wales

Thursday 22nd September 2005

First day in North Wales, went out for a walk by the sea and popped into Pwllheli for a bit in the afternoon.

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14:11:22 Time to go out for a walk - and Yates is raring to go!

14:13:23 Another picture of Yates patiently waiting for everyone else to get there act together.

14:29:40 Yates up on a cliff.

14:30:08 Chie enjoying the sea air.

14:33:04 Janie, Yates and Dad off in the distance.

14:33:24 I think this is me attempting to look like I'm being blown over by the wind - obviously the picture was taken at the wrong moment!

14:33:35 Me coming back to retrieve the camera.

14:37:44 Chie and Janie wandering down into a little bay.

14:38:44 A winch!

14:38:52 Chie goes off to explore...

14:38:59 Yates and a glittering sea.

14:42:34 Close-up on Yates having a swim.

14:44:36 Chie has found a rock!

14:46:08 Chie looking at the sea.

14:49:05 Yates looking out to sea.

14:49:23 Aha! There's Dad up on the cliff.

14:50:20 Dad up on the cliff.

14:51:44 Dad and Yates up on the cliff.

14:54:16 Yates having a final sniff about before we headed off.

15:40:26 Chie enjoying some chips by the harbour in Pwllheli.

15:40:48 Me also enjoying chips...

15:40:55 ...with curry sauce!

16:21:41 Dad and Yates in the car.

16:22:03 Yates in the car.

19:05:43 Back at home now, preparing dinner in the kitchen.

19:13:23 The "Peaty and Salty" single cask malt I'd bought back from Yoichi in Japan. Dad particularly enjoyed this!

20:44:35 Yates under the table!