UK Autumn 2005

Anelog - UK Autumn 2005


Saturday 8th October 2005

A walk around an area near the end of the Llyn penisula in North Wales.

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14:42:03 The sign at the start of our walk.

14:42:13 Dad and Yates setting off.

14:42:50 A view back over the Llyn peninsula.

14:48:35 Some cows!

14:49:15 A couple of parasol mushrooms.

14:49:31 Looks like they're going to feature in tonight's dinner...

14:52:41 A cow in the distance.

14:53:17 Some more cows/calves.

14:55:54 A bit of headland which almost forms an island, justting out into the sea.

14:56:20 Same again.

14:56:27 Dad walking along the coastal path.

15:00:20 Sweeping down to a little bay.

15:00:25 Dad and a very eager Yates.

15:01:25 More coastline.

15:01:34 The sun glinting off the sea.

15:05:24 More mushrooms!

15:06:59 Yates follows a scent along the coastal path.

15:07:16 More coastline and sea.

15:10:14 Very blue sea here!

15:10:24 Dad on a slope.

15:12:07 Taken into the sun a bit, washed out but lots of glistening sea.

15:12:13 Dad looking for more mushrooms...

15:17:02 Lovely sky and sea.

15:24:47 A sheep on the hillside.

15:24:59 Back over the Llyn.

15:25:25 Another sheep.

15:25:30 ...and another sheep.

15:25:55 Two more sheep, plus the Llyn rolling out behind them.

15:30:20 Portrait shot of some coastline.

15:30:31 Yates admiring the view.

15:32:01 One man and his dog!

15:35:22 Another sheep on the skyline.

15:35:30 S is for sheep!

15:43:29 A very overgrown path.

15:43:35 Same path going the other way.

15:44:52 The road goes ever on and on...

15:45:06 Lots of blackberries here!

15:45:37 Up close of blackberries and general roadside flora.

15:45:47 Dad and Yates going off down the road.

16:13:11 Dad going to clear a bale of hay obstructing the road!

16:14:00 Lots of rooks taking flight from this wood here.

16:41:03 Back at the house - a platter of mushrooms - not all of these wild though!