UK Autumn 2005

Apple Tree and Walk - UK Autumn 2005

Apple Tree and Walk

Tuesday 20th September 2005

A day spent outdoors whilst staying at Mum's - climbing the apple tree to pick apples, and going for a walk.

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11:25:19 Me in the apple tree.

11:30:37 Chie wanted to have a go too!

11:30:48 Interesting sense of perspective here - an apple looks as big as Chie's head!

11:40:37 Me in the apple tree again.

11:40:47 Looks like just a pair of legs!

11:41:05 Me again.

11:41:19 The fruits of our labour!

11:44:53 Close-up on those Bramleys.

11:45:07 A spot of pruning while I was up there.

11:57:07 After all that effort Chie and I retired to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

16:37:58 A little later on we went for a walk - if I recall correctly this is called Hemington Hill.

16:39:12 I used to go sledging here when I was a kid!

16:39:23 You can see Radcliffe power station in the distance.

16:39:46 A flower in the grass.

16:40:17 A cow and the power station again.

16:40:59 Chie running down the hill - a little too dark unfortunately.

16:42:12 Chie climbing over a sty. You can see my shadow in this picture too.

16:47:00 Chie on a little bridge.