UK Autumn 2005

Last Walk - UK Autumn 2005

Last Walk

Wednesday 12th October 2005

Out for a walk on my last day in North Wales, the first day of reasonable weather after a long spell of rain.

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15:03:59 Started off down on Aberdaron Beach.

15:04:23 Lots of seaweed had been washed up on the shore.

15:04:33 Bit of an odd jaunty picture of seaweed.

15:05:14 Yates having a good run!

15:05:46 Dad and Yates playing with the ball on the string.

15:05:55 A spot of tug o' war!

15:07:56 An attempt at an arty shot, with a close-up of one of Yates' paw prints in the foreground, and Yates in the background.

15:10:29 Yates guarding his ball.

15:12:09 No chance anyone is going to take it off him!

15:12:35 Portrait shot of the same thing.

15:16:09 The Daron was very full, and flowing with a lot of energy into the sea.

15:16:36 Yates couldn't resist a bit of a paddle.

15:43:42 Our next port of call was Rhiw, just along a bit from Aberdaron, where we went for another walk.

15:43:54 View down to Bardsey.

15:45:21 Lovely rolling landscape here.

15:45:27 A few houses dotted about on the hillside.

15:54:17 That's a bit of Hell's Mouth over there.

15:54:24 Yes, definitely a sea view there.

15:54:32 It's a shame it was so grey and overcast!

15:57:21 Mountains off in the distance there.

16:04:52 A bit of flora in the foreground.

16:04:59 Dad looking out to sea from this fantastic coastal path.

16:05:06 Same shot again in portrait.

16:05:13 ...err, and again!

16:08:36 Dad forging a route through the bracken.

16:10:20 A lovely old stone wall.

16:14:44 A nice little shed building.

16:15:03 What a fantastic place to live!

16:16:47 Yep, this property undeniably has a sea view.

16:17:43 Hell's Mouth again, really looking dark and foreboding here.

16:20:13 A bit Dartomoor-ish here.

16:20:50 Self timer shot - I got in the way a bit, but not bad I suppose!

16:35:32 Back to where we started.

16:35:44 Moody shot of Bardsey in the distance.