UK Autumn 2005

Kev's Leaving Do - UK Autumn 2005

Kev's Leaving Do

Thursday 29th September 2005

A curry in Pangbourne in the evening to mark Kev leaving my old company.

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19:44:20 Rich, with one of those reciprocal photo taking shots.

19:44:37 Rich again, apparently!

19:44:48 Mike K being threatened with a fork by Rich.

19:48:43 Barry and Heather also made a guest appearance.

20:12:25 I somewhat regret my stupid "poppadom related injury" pose here in restrospect.

20:17:20 Me looking very Japanese.

20:17:37 Jason and Trevor, and I was determined to get in as many pictures as possible it seems!

20:18:38 General banter on the table.

20:19:18 Trevor, me and Rich. I'm trotting out another one of my standard photo facial expressions here.

20:29:03 A blurry picture of John and Andy, after messing about with the camera settings a bit, in an attempt to get some shots without using the flash.

20:29:14 More random no flash shots...

20:31:44 This one is quite nice - got most of the table in here.

20:32:21 Mmmmm... curry.

21:22:56 Andy busy sorting out the money (yes, there was a Bodmin).

21:23:13 Another blurry flashless picture.

22:58:30 After the curry some of us moved on for a last drink or two in the Cross Keys - lovely.