UK Autumn 2005

Heathrow, London and Reading - UK Autumn 2005

Heathrow, London and Reading

Tuesday 27th September 2005

Another day on the move. Went to Heathrow in the morning to drop Chie off, who was going back to Japan before me.Spent the afternoon in London, and the evening out in Reading with David and Simon.

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08:47:43 Me and Chie in Heathrow, at a cafe place having breakfast.

08:48:21 Chie and our breakfasts...

16:10:13 I spent the afternoon "at my club" - the SWMS members rooms in London. Here's a picture of all the bottles behind the bar...

16:10:20 ...a random picture of the table I was sitting at...

16:10:29 ...and some of the rest of the bar room.

19:57:01 Later on, in Pavlov's Dog in Reading with David and Simon.

20:55:43 Vanessa joined us a bit later on...

20:56:34 ...and insisted on the previous picture being re-taken!

21:37:39 I think this is in Walkabout, where we were drinking evil green stuff... hmmm...