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Mary Jane Hogan Female

Born: 1871

Comments: Mary was born on Jersey to Irish parents, and throughout her life seems to have travelled a fair amount.

She first appears in the 1871 census in Jersey, aged 1. Her birthplace here is recorded as "St. Helier, Jersey".

She appears again in the 1881 census, aged 10, living with her parents in 2 Royal Crescent Cotys, St. Helier, Jersey. Her birthplace here is recorded as "St. Helier, Jersey".

One "Mary J. Hogan", aged 19, appears in the 1891 Channel Islands census. Here she is living at 24, Temple View in the parish of St. Martin on Jersey. She appears to be working as a nurse and domestic servant for one John M. Miles and his family. This seems to fit, as I have heard on several occasions that Mary was working as a maid or something similar at some point, around the time she met Vernon.

Winin a year or so of the 1891 census, it seems likely she moved from Jersey to Guernsey, where (probably) she met her husband Vernon, and where her first three children were born, starting with Basil  in 1892.

By the time of her son Vernon's birth in 1896 she had moved to Vernon's home town of Portsmouth, where the rest of the children were also born.

She next appears in the 1901 census, living with husband Vernon and six of her children at 17 Darlington Road, Portsmouth. Her age is recorded as 29 and her place of birth is written "Channel Islands Jersey".

Mary is mentioned as one of the attendees at her husband Vernon's funeral, in 1937.

My Dad had the impression that very late in life, maybe even in her 80s or 90s (so during the 1950s or even 1960s) she finally emigrated to Australia, most of her children having moved there previously. From talking to her granddaughter Cornelia it appears this may not entirely true - perhaps only two of her children moved permanently to Australia, and although Mary did go to Australia very late on in life, Cornelia seemed to think she did later return to England. Cornelia think this was when she was 13 or so, making it sometime around 1953 perhaps. Cornelia said that Mary then went to live with her eldest daughter Blanche.

Mary's Family

Spouse: Vernon John Charles Hawkins (Married 1893)
Children: Basil  St. Helier Hawkins, Blanche M. J. Hawkins, Muriel Hawkins, Vernon Michael Cecil Hawkins, Gladys Isabel Hawkins, Eric Herbert M Hawkins, Olive Hawkins, Phyllis Octavia Hawkins, Alan Harry Hawkins, Dennis Hawkins
Vernon and Mary seem to have met on Guernsey, and were probably married there too.

The date they were married is somewhat conjectural. Basil is known to have said something along the lines of his parent's not having been married when he was born, although it seems likely they then would have married before having a second child.

We know from the article about Vernon's funeral that in total Vernon and Mary had ten children - five sons and five daughters. The article mentions that two of the daughters had died before Vernon - although their names are not mentioned, it can be deduced that this is referring to Muriel and Olive.

My Dad had got the impression that most of the children emigrated to Australia. However, talking to Cornelia, Phyllis' daughter, it seems it may have only been two of the children - Vernon ("Micky") and Dennis who moved there permanently. The rest may have visited for a time, but did not settle there permanently.

Mary's Heritage

Parents: Michael Hogan, Elizabeth
Siblings: Daniel Hogan, Patrick Hogan, Bridget Hogan, John Hogan, Thomas Hogan, Elizabeth Charlotte Hogan, Blanche Hannah Hogan

Mary's Picture Album