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Vernon Michael Cecil Hawkins Male

Born: 25-Oct-1896

Comments: Aged 4 at the time of the 1901 census, and recorded as having been born in "Hants Cosham".

This seems to tie in with a Vernon Cecil Hawkins    recorded in the GRO index for Jan/Feb/Mar 1897 as having been born in the district of Fareham (volume 2b page 569).

I have a copy of Vernon's birth certificate which confirms this is the correct entry. The handwriting is very difficult to read, and it is hard to make out his date of birth, but it appears to be 25th October 1896. It appears the birth was registered on the 1st January 1897.

Vernon seems to appear in the earlier family photo, but we believe he's not in the later one. At the time of his father's funeral he was seemingly still alive (the article mentions Vernon Sr. having five boys and five girls, and two of the girls having died, so presumably all the boys were still alive), but for some reason he did not attend - or at least he does not appear in the list of family attending.

It seems Vernon was probably the first of the children to move to Australia. He is recorded as having enrolled for the first world war in the Australian army on the 10th January 1916 and returned on the 25th January 1919. The place of enrollment is recorded as Goulburn, New South Wales.

He also enrolled for the second world war, again in the Australian army, on 25 Mar 1941, and was discharged on the 25th November 1944. The place of enrolement is recorded as Paddington, New South Wales, and his locality at the time of enrolement is recorded as Lidcombe, New South Wales.

His next of kin in the second instance is recorded as Lily Hawkins and there is a record of a marriage between VERNON M.C. HAWKINS and LILY G.P. WOODLANDS in Auburn. I now have a transcript of the marriage registration giving more details.

Although the middle name "Michael" does not appear on Vernon's birth certificate, it appears in several places in his Australian records.

In fact, it appears from talking to his niece Cornelia, that actual Vernon was often called by his middle name - she referred to him as Uncle Micky.

Cornelia also said that he may have been staying with his uncle - one of Mary's brothers - when he first moved to Australia. Apparently he was something of a tearaway as a child in England, and it was thought some time in Australia might straighten him out.

Vernon's Family

Spouse: Lily Gertrude Pheobe Woodlands (Married 28-Feb-1920)
Children: Muriel Dorothy Hawkins, Vernon George Hawkins, Kathleen Joan Hawkins, Barbara Hawkins, Terence Hawkins
I have a transcription of the couple marriage certificate which gives a fair bit of information about the marriage, including names of the parents.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that Lily was in fact born on Guernsey. It seems likely this may have been a contributing factor to the couple having met.

Witnesses for the marriage are entered as George Henry Woodlands and Kathleen Woodlands. A note is entered that George was not actually present and gave his consent by letter. Kathleen seems likely to be Lily's sister.

Vernon's Heritage

Parents: Vernon John Charles Hawkins, Mary Jane Hogan
Siblings: Basil  St. Helier Hawkins, Blanche M. J. Hawkins, Muriel Hawkins, Gladys Isabel Hawkins, Eric Herbert M Hawkins, Olive Hawkins, Phyllis Octavia Hawkins, Alan Harry Hawkins, Dennis Hawkins