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Blanche M. J. Hawkins Female

Born: 1893

Comments: Born on Guernsey. Aged 7 at the time of the 1901 census, so would have been born sometime between 1st April 1893 and 31st March 1894.

She may have been named after either or both of two aunts - both Vernon and Mary had sisters named Blanche.

Blanche was apparently a very maternal figure, and spent a lot of time looking after other members of the family. It is thought she looked after Mary in her later years, as well as taking in her sister Olive's daughter when Olive died.

Blanche's Family

Spouse: William Royston Crofton (Married 1914)
Children: Vernon Royston Crofton, Brenda Crofton
In the newspaper cutting about Vernon's obituary, one of his daughters is named "Mrs. Crofton". This seems to tie in very well with the entry in the GRO index for Jul/Aug/Sep 1914. Here it is noted that a Blanche M. J. Hawkins was married to a Mr. Crofton in Chelsea, (volume 1a page 996).

On the relevant page for Crofton, there  is an entry for a William R. having married a miss Hawkins.

Blanche's Heritage

Parents: Vernon John Charles Hawkins, Mary Jane Hogan
Siblings: Basil  St. Helier Hawkins, Muriel Hawkins, Vernon Michael Cecil Hawkins, Gladys Isabel Hawkins, Eric Herbert M Hawkins, Olive Hawkins, Phyllis Octavia Hawkins, Alan Harry Hawkins, Dennis Hawkins