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The Family Tree of John Alastair Hawkins

Here you'll find my family tree going back several generations, mostly on my father's side. Some of the details may not be totally accurate, particularly some of the dates of birth, several of which are just guesswork. The information was gathered from a number of sources, including FreeBMD, 1837 online, the online (free!) 1881 census, the online 1901 census. This family tree was generated using the rather excellent GenoPro. If for any reason you wish to contact me regarding any of this information, you can do so at the address below.

John's email address.

You can start browing the family tree by going to the Index, or alternatively you might want to start navigating from me.

Or look at these zoomed in versions - Hawkins, Hawkins B, Jewell, Jewell B, Marr, Milner.