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Phyllis Octavia Hawkins Female

Born: 5-May-1903
Died: May-1990    

Comments: There is an entry in the GRO indices for Apr/May/Jun 1903 of a Phyllis Ocatavia Hawkins born in Portsmouth (volume 2b page 536).

Phyllis died at the age of 87 in May 1990, in Brighton (volume 18, page 222).

Phyllis's Family

Spouse: Cornelius Lucas (Married)
Children: Cornelia Lucas, Muriel Dawn Lucas

Phyllis's Heritage

Parents: Vernon John Charles Hawkins, Mary Jane Hogan
Siblings: Basil  St. Helier Hawkins, Blanche M. J. Hawkins, Muriel Hawkins, Vernon Michael Cecil Hawkins, Gladys Isabel Hawkins, Eric Herbert M Hawkins, Olive Hawkins, Alan Harry Hawkins, Dennis Hawkins