John's Trip to Italy

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12:37. My haul of Italian goods from the supermarket the previous day.

17:49. Storms over towards Milan. As I was supposed to be flying in about 3 hours, this was not a good sign!

17:49. Lorenzo coming back from work.

17:58. Last quick view of the storms before heading for the airport.

20:33. After having said a quick goodbye to Lorenzo, a nice view of the sunset in the airport.

20:38. Took lots of pictures in an attempt to relieve the boredom of waiting for a delayed flight (due to the storms).

20:38. Nice.

20:39. You can just about see the mountains in the distance.

20:42. Trying to take long exposure to get the lights moving about.... hmmm maybe a bit over the top!

21:15. More of the same really...

21:17. Managed to get a nice blur effect from that truck on the right hand side. Interesting the effect the orange flashing light makes.

22:06. Finally on the plane now - about an hour behind schedule...

22:29. A while after take off, a failed attempt to take a picture of the cities below all lit up. A shame really - it was very pretty!