John's Trip to Italy

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11:35:39. The view from Lorenzo's flat. You can see the station from there.

11:35:45. The view the other way!

11:39:16. Some basil.

12:58:46. Off to a little restaurant in a cellar for lunch.

12:58:57. Lorenzo eats complimentary bread.

12:59:33. I seem to recall not enjoying my lunch so much but still - you can't win them all.

14:07:15. After lunch Lorenzo went back to work and I went for a wander around Malnate.

14:35:32. A little shrine here.

15:43:25. The signpost to Lorenzo's village.

15:50:08. A little stream.

19:29:05. When Lorenzo arrived home from work, we spent an hour or so installing a new phone cable. Which was nice.

22:53:47. Right then, here we are at the Barbeque. On the left is Massimo, and on the right, Marta (Lorenzo's flat mate).

22:54:30. Not quite sure what this was all in aid of.

23:09:21. I was mightily impressed with this paper towel dispenser.

23:09:42. Yep, it's a beauty alright.

23:11:09. Here's Lowra, who invited us to the barbeque, and Marta, both wrapped seductively in paper towels from the dispenser thing.

23:19:41. Massimo and Lorenzo demonstrate beer.

23:21:34. Any idea what the dog is thinking? Bloody pissheads, most likely. Only in dog language. Italian dog language.

23:29:29. A suspicious look from me here.

23:30:06. Me and Lorenzo - just like old times!

23:33:10. Here's myself, Lorenza (female equivalent of Lorenzo apparently) and Lowra.

23:33:52. Lorenzo (bloke version) with the previous two.

23:35:43. I think we must be going for the Lorenza, Lorenzo and John shot here.

23:37:33. Just to demonstrate we weren't solely taking pictures of women, here's some random men (and Massimo).

23:39:16. I may have talked to this additional bloke here, and he may well have been very interesting, but I was frankly too pissed by this stage to remember.

23:42:52. Getting pictures of girls hugging eachother... Oh I feel alive again!

00:12:12. Hmmm a bit blurred. Try again.

00:12:26. A real compazsione (?) of women here. Front middle and front right (Lorenza) are twins apparently. Also featuring Lowra and two others whose names I've forgot. Sorry!

00:14:29. Me and the twins (or gemelli in Italian).

00:57:09. This bloke was very interesting and may have come from somewhere other than Italy. I think.

01:13:08. Lorenzo getting a bit bolshy by this point.

01:38:25. Back with the paper dispenser again.

01:40:15. A bit dark maybe.

01:41:39. Lowra plus boyfriend.

01:43:03. One of the twins, plus "the prettiest boy in Italy". Go figure.

01:44:56. Inevitably, comedy violence ensued.

01:48:41. The girl on the right hand side here actually seemed really pleased when I suggested she be in a picture, which was jolly nice.

01:50:53. That boy again.