John's Trip to Italy

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12:44. I'd fallen asleep on the sofa. Ooooh hangover.

16:10. Here's Lorenzo in Italy's answer to B&Q. Sort of.

16:47. Yep, it was a self assembly furniture day.

17:02. <rolf> Can you guess what it is yet? </rolf>

17:06. A leg from an ATAT?

17:25. Nope its a shelving unit thingy.

17:35. Lorenzo with the finished product.

18:04. Me on the balcony outside Lorenzo's flat.

18:04. Lorenzo arguing with the phone company or something.

21:03. Hmmm...

21:04. Lorenzo making soggy bread salad.

21:04. Yep, it looks uncannily like vomit.

21:06. Must... avoid... references... to... married... couples... aaagggghhhh

22:28. Me pissing about with night time photography.

22:31. A picture of stars, probably need to see the full size image to appreciate this!

22:33. A higher resolution picture of stars.

22:47. Lorenzo in the lounge bit.