John's Trip to Italy

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12:33. I'd only just got up, Lorenzo was still in bed, but already here's Marta industriously making pasta.

12:39. Very interesting to watch!

14:29. Every so often I need to remind myself that, yes, a clothes peg on the nose does hurt rather a lot.

16:15. As Lorenzo lives so close to the border we decided to go to Switzerland today. Believe it or not, thats a Swiss mountain in the distance.

16:28. Look! Swiss GSM!

17:21. A view out over some mountains and lakes and stuff from statzione bellavista on Monte Generose.

17:22. Some kind of town below there.

17:22. Lorenzo and Marta.

17:23. Me and Lorenzo.

17:23. The little rack rail train that goes up Monte Generose. (The generous mountain?)

17:32. Inspecting the, errmmm, oh I don't know.

17:39. Appreciating the view still. In fact this was the only place you could see anything - everywhere else nearby was thick with trees.

17:40. Trying to zoom in on the town below.

17:41. It was actually that blue.

17:42. My legs! Hmmm.

18:07. Lorenzo and his car, very proud of the number plate.

18:16. The rack railway.

18:25. The little village we passed through on our way back down the mountain.

18:25. Interesting.

18:28. Very decoratve house type of thing.

19:28. Back in Italy now, in the big supermarket near Lorenzo's flat.

19:31. That would be fish then.

20:12. A brief stop in Malnate for me to phone Chie.

20:12. Managed to find a football to kick around whilst talking.

20:13. Nice to see my camera getting in shot for once!

20:43. Lorenzo had decided tonight we'd have a barbeque.

21:07. It took a while to get going.

21:10. Me and the barbeque.

21:27. Finally looks like something is being cooked. Note it got dark in the meantime.

21:28. Nice one Lorenzo.