The Venue

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So the time is probably 11ish now? Not really sure. Anyway, after Origins we went to The Venue, which is Canterbury's union club thing.

Me and Leon stand around not doing much.

This is N, real name Rob (I think). Apparently he always does this in photographs. Nice!

I was instructed by Leon to take a picture of this bloke because he had a strange beard. I think he noticed us taking the picture and started walking over. We left hurriedly.

By this point, Leon and Gav are starting to look quite drunk...

Especially Gav...

Errrrr.... Nice!

I think at this point Gav started doing some really enthusiastic dancing. Didn't really come out to well on camera. Ho, hum.

If there ever was a point to this picture, it has now been lost.

Ermmm... I think I probably liked the top this girl was wearing or something.

More of Gav's fancy footwork... I think he left shortly after this, we weren't too sure where he got too, but the next day there was definite evidence of cheese and lime pickle in the house. Hmmm...


...OK, so I don't care what anyone else says, I reckon this girl is really good looking!

Shame this one didn't come out really...

We might have moved to the dancefloor proper at this point.

Here's some random women dancing.

N and Catherine, who seemed determined to show us her stomach. Errr, thanks.

Oh hello!

Yep nice to see Catherine was as drunk as we were.

Ok, so perhaps not quite as drunk as Leon.

Ohhhh Leon, leave her alone!

What a nice display, a credit to the barstaff.

Leon ponders something deep. Erm.

This girl was from Finland. I'm sure she was pretty interesting but thats all I can actually remember her saying. Leon looks strangely forlorn here doesn't he. she is again. I think we were having quite a nice conversation about fjords or something, and then I vaguely remember getting distracted by something insignificant and wandering off mid sentence. A bit rude I suppose.

No idea where this girl came from. Leon is doing a heroic job of letching though. This must be around closing time (2ish), we were on the way to get our coats and stuff if I recall properly.