The It's A Scream Pub

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Don't remember what it was called. Still, this was the first port of call on friday night, wherein five surprisingly nice pints of Carling (!) were rapidly consumed by myself, Gav and Leon. For some reason a strange catchphrase evolved in here, which consituted saying Man! and Horse! a lot. A bit confused about that one to be honest.

(Gav pointing at Charlie Dimmock) Horse!



Errr, just Gav really.

Apparently this girl here was saying the shutter was closed. How wrong she was...

..although for this one we maybe wished it was.

Again, just Gav really.

Leon enjoys the suspiciously nice Carling.

Arty (?) picture of pints. Mine is the less full one, of course.

Man! Horse!


Two people who both had very strange ears. Thanks guys.

So Leon hasn't had his tonsils out. Just checking.