Becki's Party

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We'd been told about this earlier in the day, but Leon was pretty resolute we weren't going to go to this. Not quite sure what happened really, me and Leon got in a taxi outside The Venue with this other person, who we can't remember, and before we knew it we were at some flat in a strange part of Canterbury. Bizarre. Right, so its probably about 3AM(ish) now.

Ok so the one in need of support here is Becki. I think it was her birthday...

...and here she is again.

No idea what happened here, but its a really nice colour don't you think??

Introducing Charlie...

...I look a bit ill in this one.

Jack here is having a go at Becki for some reason.

Ok so this is Amy (I think).

Claire again! Is she omnipresent or something?

Jack still looks a bit stern.

Dillan looks a bit mischievous.


What are you doing Leon?

Either Amy is really tall or she was standing on a chair.


Nice picture!

Errr, it does kind of look like Charlie is gaving lovingly into Becki's eyes here, whilst Becki's expression is pretty hard to work out.

Leon lumbers down the corridor like a monster out of a B movie.

Dillan, Claire and some hula hoops.

I think Amy and Charlie were forcing Becki to drink here. After all, what are friends for?

This was the last picture, after which my camera ran out of space! Which is a shame, because I think it's only about 5:30AM at this point. I don't think me and Leon left until about 10:30. Nice!