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So this is saturday night now then. Due to battery problems, the times weren't working, so when any of this happened is anyone's guess, although I think we started off some tme after 7pm. Ok, so here we are in Origins, which is like a bar/bistro thing in Darwin college on campus.

Leon had something or other with pork and rice. He didn't enjoy it very much.

Gav's was slightly better apparently, it was called a Skaramanga or a Cinquecento or something like that like that. I had some fajitas which we didn't get a picture of, but they were actually very nice.

Leon looks more than a bit disappointed.

...whilst I look, errr, pensive.

This here is Baz. We had an interesting conversation about Hounslow. Ermmm.

This is Dillan, who didn't really want to have his picture taken.

Here we have Claire (again) with her friend Ben.

This appears to be Claire's hair. Not too sure why.

Errrrr, so this is Claire again.

Here we can see (some of) Catherine, although I'm not sure what whoever was taking the picture was actually trying to get here.

There it is! Not sure why I was saying that.

Claire is pointed at accusingly, and Leon looks, errrr, pretty vacant.

Neither of them seem to be enjoying this...

Gav and Leon's tongues. Dirty.

Not sure if Gav is asking for a slap or a kiss here.

Oooooh Claire threw a glass at Leon. Leon was not happy.

...I volunteered to clean it up, so I wasn't too happy either. Nice picture though.