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I've probably spelt this wrong. Apologies and everything. This is some place that opens until 2 on the pretense that its actually a restaurant. Well, we did have a plate of chips in there.

Heres the kitchen, but wait, theres no-one home...(!)

...oh no, here's some lad on a YTS or something, coming forth to provide us with chips.

Leon and Gav examine some poster or something.

The alcove none of us could remember having sat in the next day.

Leon attempts to inhale Stella, without much success.

Leon is seemingly saying something heartfelt at this point.

John's response is apparently a mixture of confusion and mild irritation.

Of course, no set of photos would be complete without Gav's Dr. Evil pose...

...Leon however seems somewhat unimpressed.

John sinks further and further into confusion.

Leon makes an interesting point about cattle farming.


Leon dances in the air-raid shelter style dancefloor area.

I'm interested by some foliage, just out of shot.

Three girls, whose names I don't remember and probably never knew in the first place. They seemed unusually impressed by my camera, which was nice.

Very pretty young lady. Nice!

One of these may have been Scottish, we're not sure.

That classic pub game, spot the bouncer.

Errrrr, really got no idea about this one.

Or maybe this was the Scottish woman?

Pretty sure this wasn't the Scottish woman.

What suspiciously happy looking people!

Who is that cheeky little urchin poking his head through here? Nice.

Good god. I munt therefore I am.


Aha! Now I can remember this one, the one in the purple jacket was Canadian, and actually pretty annoying. I think. Also note the pretty unflattering insight into the other girl's mouth. Sorry love.

Although Leon here doesn't seem too annoyed. Errr...

This is apparently Stavros.

Do they look drunk? Is the Dalai Lama buddhist?

Or was this the Scottish woman??

Never have I seen people so many people so enthusiastic to show their teeth in public.


Aha! Perhaps this was the Scottish woman?

Yet more dental extroverts. Hmmmm, she looks strangely familiar...

Is it me or does Leon actually look green here??

At this point Claire (probably spelt that wrong) must have turned up then.

Gav wrestles Leon to the floor for some unrememberable reason.

Put it away Leon!

One of those pictures where the thumbnail looks loads nicer than the full size version.

A bit like Mount Rushmore.

Feisty! Maybe this is the Scottish woman?

Must have been standing on a chair or something for this...

Possibly I Will Survive...??


I like it! Also shows why we were wearing our coats in many of the previous pictures - that air conditioning thing was bloody freezing!

Sassy! Probably taken on the way out.

On the way home. Claire needed a little assistance. Lucky for Gav it wasn't long before we found a taxi we could bundle her into.