Tokyo May 2006

Tokyo May 2006

Pictures Tokyo in May 2006.

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Monday 8th May 2006
A collection of omiyage (souvenirs, generally edible) at work after everyone returned from golden week.

Saturday 13th May 2006
Just one picture (!) from George's brief stay in Tokyo.

Food and Drink
Sunday 14th May 2006
A day spent rediscovering my tastebuds - a decent espresso in the afternoon, then later on dinner back at home using the really excellent cheese George brought with him from the UK, and afterwards a bit of a review of my new whisky collection.

Pasta for Lunch
Tuesday 16th May 2006
Was off work sick, so had lunch at home, and it happened to look rather nice, which prompted a couple of pictures.

Barbecue on the Balcony
Sunday 21st May 2006
A spot of shopping in the daytime, then back home in the evening for a barbecue (of sorts) on our balcony.

Gyosei Friends
Tuesday 23rd May 2006
A couple of drinks in the evening with some of Chie's old friends from university.

Thursday 25th May 2006
A few pictures from the tail end of an evening out with Lorenzo, on his last night of a business trip to Japan.

Sunday 28th May 2006
A quick look at the state of the plants on our blacony.

Monday 29th May 2006
An evening spent at home, with an expensive (but probably not that marvellous) bottle of wine.