Tokyo May 2006

Food and Drink - Tokyo May 2006

Food and Drink

Sunday 14th May 2006

A day spent rediscovering my tastebuds - a decent espresso in the afternoon, then later on dinner back at home using the really excellent cheese George brought with him from the UK, and afterwards a bit of a review of my new whisky collection.

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16:04:00 In the afternoon, whilst out shopping in Shinjuku, we popped into a branch of Segafredo for a quick espresso.

16:05:00 Make mine a double! It's been a while since I've had anything resembling a decent espresso, and whilst no doubt Segafredo wouldn't quite meet Lorenzo's high standards, it was certainly far better than what I've become used to recently (i.e. -shudder- Starbucks)!

20:01:35 For tonight's dinner I made two dishes, first a sort of mediterranean stew...

20:02:39 ...which I served with a side order of pasta in cheese sauce, using the rather excellent Islay cheddar which George had brought with him from the UK.

20:02:47 Another shot of my dinner!

20:28:05 When George came to stay this weekend he brought two very good malts with him, and suddenly my drinks cupboard has been transformed from a few odd bottles, to an interesting and diverse collection.

20:28:24 Moving from left to right, we have a 12 Year Old Glenlivet, a 15 Year Old Dalwhinnie, and a 15 Year Old Bladnoch...

20:28:42 ...further on still a 12 Year Old Caol Ila (from independent bottlers Whisky Galore), and an 18 Year Old Talisker...

20:28:56 ...and finally over here on the right, two special edition Japanese malts we won in a competition a while back. The first is a Hakushu, and the second a Yamazaki.

20:29:22 Here's the current state of the collection again. A lot more diverse than my previous collection was back in the UK - only one Islay in sight, and a pretty good representative from most of the other major regions.