Tokyo May 2006

Wine - Tokyo May 2006


Monday 29th May 2006

An evening spent at home, with an expensive (but probably not that marvellous) bottle of wine.

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20:13:25 So here it is, on the floor, the Carruades de Lafite 2002.

20:25:42 ...and again, a bit of a close-up on the label.

21:15:39 Outside on our blacony. Very hard to get the camera settings right!

21:16:54 ....hmmm the colours are good here, but horribly blurred!

21:17:22 Pointing the camer the other way introduced a whole new problem.

21:17:57 Hmmm blurred.

21:18:28 Just about OK.

21:19:35 The only real way forward was a self timer shot. This looks almost eerie - the sky definitely wasn't that bright in reality!

21:20:45 ...and this one looks positively superimposed!

21:23:32 Some candles - pleasingly this shot was actually hand held (I'm not quite as shakey as I thought).

21:24:15 Chie proposed this "arty" effect, with the shadow of one of our olive trees.

21:24:59 Me again, and the olive tree and candles.