Tokyo May 2006

Barbecue on the Balcony - Tokyo May 2006

Barbecue on the Balcony

Sunday 21st May 2006

A spot of shopping in the daytime, then back home in the evening for a barbecue (of sorts) on our balcony.

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14:09:27 We got launch at Paul - a French bakery we both rather like, which has a couple of branches in Tokyo.

14:09:37 Here's the very pleasant Olive Fougasse.

15:24:43 I wanted a picture of me and some of these big buildings. In retrospect there doesn't seem a great deal of point!

15:24:47 Same thing again really.

15:24:55 Just took this because of the odd use of the word "viking" (a strange bit of Japanese English meaning "all you can eat").

15:25:01 Same thing again, with an interesting shadow effect.

19:16:01 Back at home now, Chie and Haruka-kun out on the balcony.

19:16:38 ...and me too.

19:17:40 One with the flash, hardly the same ambience but at least you can actually see us!

19:27:32 A close up on the grill nabe thing.

22:26:11 Later on, inside - atower of Marmite. Must have had a few drinks by this point!

23:11:33 Another "arty" picture - my MP3 player on a stool. No doubt it seemed like a good idea at the time!

23:12:13 Yuka and Chie.

23:12:28 ...and again.